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Mural Painter
Based in Dallas/Fortworth, TX
Always willing to travel for the right projects!

Mural Painter

Hi! I'm Ariana!

I'm a mural painter, illustrator, and owner of Ariana Lee Creative LLC. When I was about 12 years old my step-dad painted a mural in our kitchen and it inspired me to paint one in my bedroom and to keep painting as time went on. Now, I specialize in painting custom designed, hand-painted murals for residents, communities, and businesses alike!

Residential Murals

Personalize your space and give it a unique flare that really makes you feel at home! There's nothing more exciting than adding a mural to your bedroom, home office, kitchen, or even your bathroom!

Commercial Murals

60% of businesses increased their sales by an average of 10% after installing a mural according to a study published by the Sign Research Foundation! You get more social media exposure when customers take photos in front of your mural. It enhances your brand presence and creates a unique experience for your customers!

Community Murals

Murals build a sense of culture and community and they truly do bring people together! They bring foot traffic to local businesses and it can even increase neighborhood property values!



Custom, hand-painted murals designed to make an impact!

Having an event? Hire me to paint a free standing mural LIVE as entertainment!

Untitled_Artwork 6 copy 5.PNG

Art Licensing and Commissions

License my work to put on your products or hire me for custom illustrations!


Creative Projects

I'm always open to new creative endeavors! What do you have in mind?

Interested in working together?

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